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Welcome to my blog. I live in Sydney and love living on the water but I like to be part of the Global Shopping Experience. My other favourite cities are New York, Paris, Rome,Tokyo & London and I would love to travel more around the World. I like to surround myself with dynamic and energetic people and luxurious things: Pink Champagne Afternoon Tea with Royal Albert Lady Carlyle; Wedgwood and Royal Doulton enhanced by Pale Pink and White Peonies; Yves Delormes Linen; Enjoy Lighting and Glasshouse Perfumed Candles; Crystal cut lamps and a great selection of music. Well cut designer suits, dresses and coats; White Gold Jewellery; Designer SHOES and handbags as well as hats; scarves; gloves; sunglasses; fun Mimco Jewellery accessories and Holster Bling flats are included in my organised pinklily wardrobe. My life must include going to the Theatre; Dancing and Fine Dining. I like to spend time Listening to Music especially Jazz by Diana Krall; Reading my favourite Fashion Magazines, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair with a cup of cappuccino at my side; Swimming in the pool; or experiencing Sydney Cafe Life and amazing Restaurants. Must mention how I enjoy spending time with my iMac; being part of a wide world of social media; My Blog; Twitter; Pinterest; Facebook; & chatting on my iPhone. I love challenges, new experiences, expanding my world and learning about great new ideas in design and style. Time spent with creative, people is interesting and exciting. I thrive on discovering new knowledge and enjoy researching and sharing new up to date ideas and media stories in Luxury Living; Style; Design; Fashion; Beauty; Entertainment and Travel . I will be blogging about living a life of luxury and I need to be organised to do all of this. Hope you join me in this journey. Enjoy GJB

Thursday, 12 April 2012

le` OverdOse: Le` Artist - Fashion Designer/Illustrator Hayden Williams

Hayden Williams

This is a Fabulous article on this British young and up & coming Fashion Designer. le` OverdOse: Le` Artist - Fashion
Designer/Illustrator Hayden W...: There aren't enough words to describe his talent and my jealously over the fact that I can barely draw a circle (I can't draw a circle) but ...
I am a big fan of his work and look forward to the launch of his fashion to the catwalk. I have a pinterest board of 96 of his designs http://pinterest.com/gjb215/hayden-williams-reflections-of-fashion/ where you will see all of his fashion illustrations. you will be able to see how talented he is as a fashion designer. He has started to sketch some Madmen Fashion for those fans of  the series. BIG REMINDER!Mad Man Series 5 Returns tonight EST8.30pm Movie Extra. 
I adore his Fashionista style in the glamorous sketches and Ive chosen just a few of his fabulous collection. As the article states Rhianna is a big fan of his work along with other stars. I saw his winter 2012 sketches and thought "WOW ! Here is a man who knows what women want when it comes to how we want to look." A sense of style, class, sophistication, confidence is all present in Hayden Williams' designs. It's coming up to Winter in Australia for 2012 and these are 5 of his Design Collections . 
ON TREND of course with Black & Lace. Gorgeous!
Hayden has not forgotten that girls like to party. It's all about the entrance.
This is a sketch of an Oscar Couture Dress. All eyes on this gorgeous creation. 
Well girls, no pressure, but let's go shopping soon. Dress up to go shopping and you get Fabulous service.

Enjoy GJB! 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture SS 2012

Black is Back or did it ever leave the Fashion Palette? ON TREND - Chic Gloss
Alexandre Vauthier's Haute Couture Spring Summer 2012 presented all the trending fashion looks. Black & Gold will always be an evening look but this outfit screams. "ATTITUDE Look at me. I am confident in how I look." It is very reminiscent of lurex and nobody blinked an eye when that was in fashion. Fashion will always re-image itself with a new twist. There is a sense of rebel chic in the skin tight gloss evening pants. The top is definitely making a statement in this luxurious fabric and you would definitely light up the room with your entrance. The outfit has been accessorised with Christian Black Louboutin shoes and Black messenger bag. Yes, Louboutin is an accessory that is normally a focus and the style of the slim fit pants clearly showcases the trademark of the red heels. In this case they also simply and elegantly complement the outfit beautifully. The hair and makeup is minimalistic, yet very model like. Have you got the confidence to wear this? If you can look this great, why not? 

Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture SS 2012

Christian Louboutin black high heels

Christian Louboutin messenger bag
$2,795 - net-a-porter.com
Enjoy GJB!