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Welcome to my blog. I live in Sydney and love living on the water but I like to be part of the Global Shopping Experience. My other favourite cities are New York, Paris, Rome,Tokyo & London and I would love to travel more around the World. I like to surround myself with dynamic and energetic people and luxurious things: Pink Champagne Afternoon Tea with Royal Albert Lady Carlyle; Wedgwood and Royal Doulton enhanced by Pale Pink and White Peonies; Yves Delormes Linen; Enjoy Lighting and Glasshouse Perfumed Candles; Crystal cut lamps and a great selection of music. Well cut designer suits, dresses and coats; White Gold Jewellery; Designer SHOES and handbags as well as hats; scarves; gloves; sunglasses; fun Mimco Jewellery accessories and Holster Bling flats are included in my organised pinklily wardrobe. My life must include going to the Theatre; Dancing and Fine Dining. I like to spend time Listening to Music especially Jazz by Diana Krall; Reading my favourite Fashion Magazines, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair with a cup of cappuccino at my side; Swimming in the pool; or experiencing Sydney Cafe Life and amazing Restaurants. Must mention how I enjoy spending time with my iMac; being part of a wide world of social media; My Blog; Twitter; Pinterest; Facebook; & chatting on my iPhone. I love challenges, new experiences, expanding my world and learning about great new ideas in design and style. Time spent with creative, people is interesting and exciting. I thrive on discovering new knowledge and enjoy researching and sharing new up to date ideas and media stories in Luxury Living; Style; Design; Fashion; Beauty; Entertainment and Travel . I will be blogging about living a life of luxury and I need to be organised to do all of this. Hope you join me in this journey. Enjoy GJB

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Style Mantra

Improvisation? Rehearsal? or Performance?
My background is theatre and I love a bit of Drama in my life. Having said that if one is to try to work out one's style, you could just step out and see how an outfit works or maybe you have to empty your wardrobe and try every combination until you come up with the perfect outfit?You are "on show'' in front of the world and there will be reviews either publicly voiced or just whispered. It can be confronting and you need to be confident in your choices. In improvising one has to ask the 4W's.
Who am I ? Where am I? When am I there? Why am I there? Connecting this to Style Mantra is an easy transition. Is this my Style Mantra or somebody else's? What is my image that I wish to project?Where will I be wearing this outfit - to work, out with colleagues, friends, family, casual or special event?When is the event -day/night, weekday/weekend? everyday/ VIP event?Why am I going to this event?Work commitment? Family Obligation? Fun? To be Seen or complimented?
All of this sounds like a lot of preparation, work and reflection and it is. There are endless lists to consider and it is all HIGH MAINTENANCE. A capsule wardrobe is essential, imagination and a good understanding of style, colour and composition as well as a sense of making your own stamp on your personal style. You need to decide to be true to yourself. I love reading fashion magazines and looking at all the latest collections but I have to remember that these are just ideas and springboards to help me to create MY PERSONAL LOOK which makes me feel good when I "Step Out".
Of course one has to eat, drink and sleep well. A good diet is imperative if you want to have good skin.
Exercise is also paramount as part of a healthy regime. 

1. SKINCARE Use the best skincare for my skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise morning and night and Mask twice a week. This is up to you to decide which range is in your price bracket and best for your skin type. I think that all girls want to have fresh radiant skin. This is the ARESTALINE range that I find suits my skin. I use the cream cleanser in the morning and the gel at night to remove makeup. Prep 8 is an exfoliator which you do not rinse off and it is great for reducing any enlarged pores. the eventones does at it says and keeps the natural colour balance. Follow with the cream and the serum. Reshape8 helps to tone the neck and the body. Hand Exfoliator and Cream is most important.

2. FRAGRANCES Decide on my wardrobe range of fragrances.
 Find out which fragrances suit you. I love oriental fragrances. Choose a body moisturiser which you like. I like to layer my fragrances, body wash (NO SOAP), body moisturising cream and finally Eau de Parfum. My original favourite was Dioressence and then they discontinued it. I also like Chanel No 5 and Guerlain Samsara and Shalimar. I have a tray of my favourites and my choice changes with my mood, whim or the occasion. Remember this defines "Who" you are. Decide if you like floral, oriental, woody or fresh notes. Wear a fragrance every day and carry a purse spray.
3. MANICURE and PEDICURE                                                          This is a personal choice but I like to have a French Acrylic on my nails and a dark colour on my toes. I'm into the purples but I love to play with the OPI app. If I ask for a gel topcoat over my French acrylics, then I can have a colour for a special occasion and when I remove that colour, the French is still glossy underneath. The Leighton Denny Range has some great French colours.                                    

Drink water everyday. 8 glasses if possible.
Carry a water bottle.

Enjoy a bubble bath and light a Glasshouse Candle. Light up my room with Enjoy Lighting Candles. Enjoy my favourite music on my Bose Dock. Read my favourite magazines. Read a novel rather than watch TV. This was a great article on Oprah about what to consider in order to sleep well. Try to get 6-8 hours sleep per night.                                                                                                                       


6. EAT Fish, Fruit and Vegetables
Buy fresh sashimi, fish and vegetables every week at the Sydney Fish Markets. Maybe chicken occasionally. I enjoy a fruit shake every morning to give me the energy I need. 
Exercise is important but it is often overlooked. 
I need to swim more in 2012.

 Calendars on my computer and iPhone.
 Check my emails and messages regularly.
 Have all my wardrobe organised- Seasons, colours, occasions. It has to be a useable accessible wardrobe. Accessories all stored in a useful, functional way. I will try to wear all of my shoes and this should be easy if they are all stored in clear, labelled shoe boxes. Have all my makeup and brushes organised in Lock and Lock. Large 8 litre Cosmetic case often on special at $29.50 on TVSN.
Minamalise my take out makeup kit so that my handbag is not too heavy.                                                           

 Pinklily hangtastic hangers, clear slip covers, clear shoe boxes and drawer organisers. Organise my earrings in a Pinklily Jewellery Organisers.                        
 STEP 8            
 A month before every season, cull without any emotional attachment. If I haven't worn it and I really don't like it, give it away to charity.

 STEP 9.
 9. PLAN MY WARDROBE WEEK - I can't just wait until the day.
 Love this Kate Spade range of iPhone and iPad covers. 
 I chose this black and white spot with a hard case Pink surround.
 Make sure that I have all of my makeup supplies 
 Make sure that I do not run out of anything.
 Clean my makeup brushes regularly.

 Make sure that everything is laundered, pressed and available.

 Allocate time to put a story together. Enjoy this creative process.

 I do this in my head, but you could lay it out on the bed.

 I don't want to have a wardrobe dilemma in a morning.

 Do I need to go to the cobblers? 

 Shoes are IMPORTANT!! 
 "A lady should always be well heeled".
 Do I need to go to the Dry Cleaners or the tailors?
 Do I need to make an appointment at Toni & Guy Hairdressers? Book ahead.
 Cut? Colour? Treatment?                              
 Do I have the right accessories to complete a look?
 What do I need to change/extend an outfit? AM to PM                                
 Can I cater for a change of seasons? 
 4 Seasons a day in Sydney?
 Do I have any formal occasions to attend?
 Lunch? Dinner? Afternoon Tea at The Victoria TeaRoom?
 Maybe a tick list would be helpful for so many questions.

STEP 10                                                                         
Remember My Mantra. 
Always look my best.
Feel good about myself. 
Have regular health checks.
Be confident and HAPPY about my choices.  
Let my eyes sparkle.
COMMUNICATE. Stay in touch with friends.
ENJOY my day!

STEP 11 
Remember to share my life with others 
Be thankful.

It was necessary to spend some honest soul searching time before I could begin to write. I procrastinated for several weeks. Facing the truth about who one is and who one would like to aspire to be is a huge ask. It is certainly a process of self analysis ad I hope that it will encourage you to think about the 4 W's. Improvise and rehearse until you feel that you are ready for a "performance". A good actor is one that is believable and credible and is welcomed by the audience. Similarly, a person will shine if they feel happy and confident about their choices in life.
Show people who you are and get out there and live. 
Look good, feel great, feel like each day is a new adventure and show the world the real you. I know that the only way to enjoy my life is to feel that I am organised enough so that I can enjoy life to the fullest. There are so many cliches which I could have used but the one I like the best is - Step out and put your best face forward.
What's your Style Mantra?
Enjoy GJB215


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