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Welcome to my blog. I live in Sydney and love living on the water but I like to be part of the Global Shopping Experience. My other favourite cities are New York, Paris, Rome,Tokyo & London and I would love to travel more around the World. I like to surround myself with dynamic and energetic people and luxurious things: Pink Champagne Afternoon Tea with Royal Albert Lady Carlyle; Wedgwood and Royal Doulton enhanced by Pale Pink and White Peonies; Yves Delormes Linen; Enjoy Lighting and Glasshouse Perfumed Candles; Crystal cut lamps and a great selection of music. Well cut designer suits, dresses and coats; White Gold Jewellery; Designer SHOES and handbags as well as hats; scarves; gloves; sunglasses; fun Mimco Jewellery accessories and Holster Bling flats are included in my organised pinklily wardrobe. My life must include going to the Theatre; Dancing and Fine Dining. I like to spend time Listening to Music especially Jazz by Diana Krall; Reading my favourite Fashion Magazines, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair with a cup of cappuccino at my side; Swimming in the pool; or experiencing Sydney Cafe Life and amazing Restaurants. Must mention how I enjoy spending time with my iMac; being part of a wide world of social media; My Blog; Twitter; Pinterest; Facebook; & chatting on my iPhone. I love challenges, new experiences, expanding my world and learning about great new ideas in design and style. Time spent with creative, people is interesting and exciting. I thrive on discovering new knowledge and enjoy researching and sharing new up to date ideas and media stories in Luxury Living; Style; Design; Fashion; Beauty; Entertainment and Travel . I will be blogging about living a life of luxury and I need to be organised to do all of this. Hope you join me in this journey. Enjoy GJB

Thursday, 1 December 2011


SCENTED CANDLES For Friends and on my Santa List.

I had more than the 10 gifts to buy on my list that I finalised in my last blog, so I thought more about my favourite things and this was again to think about the people to whom I was giving the gifts. When I need to tune out from the day, my go to plan is to turn off the lights and choose one of my favourite scented candle and just de stress and enjoy my own private time to relax. Perfume is a personal choice of course but with candles I can choose a variety depending on my needs. It is a good idea to  know your friend's favourite perfume if giving a candle as a gift. Remember what they commented on when they visited you.
I am always amazed at the number of burning hours in the more exclusive brands. I do have a great secret to share with you about making that a reality. I discovered this after having received some beautiful   Crabtree & Evelyn Candles in gorgeous etched glass votives from my daughter. Trim the wick before you light the candle for the first time and burn for about 2 hours or so that the wax melts right across to both of the sides of the container. This will allow the candle to burn equally down the container. 
It would be remiss of me not to say that any candle must be watched over from a safety point of view. If you trim the wick each time it will reduce the smoke and the beautiful perfume will be evident immediately. 

Crabtre& Evelyn have online specials at the moment gift
with purchase offers and Outlet Store Specials. BirkenHead Point in Sydney has had a facelift and it is a worth a visit. If you sign up to the Crabtree & Evelyn and the VIP BirkenHead Point newsletters, you will receive their emails with these specials. This is the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Noel Candle $59.95 and the 3 Fragranced votives$54.95. These candles will create a beautiful fragrance in your home at Christmas. Gift 11 and 12 decisions.

Gift 13 and 14 decisions.
Luxurious Glasshouse Candles

Gorgeous packaging. Limited Edition. Always see if the scent suits you as an individual. This is also a very pretty PINK pack.                   




                Favourite No1 is Tahaa Vanilla Caramel                                                                                                            
Triple Scented & My Favourite No 2 is Montego Bay Coconut Lime. Gift 15 and 16 decisions.

Your friends will love these 

and they are in Gorgeous packaging.
The Rodeo Drive is a limited Edition and it's PINK. The scent is DIVINE.
Gift 17 decision.
Going strong, crossing off  my LIST. 
PS...... Santa..... I'd like the Rodeo Drive candle in my stocking.... if you think that i have been a good girl.

If you are looking for a permanent Flameless candle that will flicker and some of them are scented, you'll just need batteries. 

The Enjoy Lighting range is being used on catwalks and loved by stars like Kylie and Danni Minogue. It's available at TVSN in a range of colours and sizes. Gift 18 and 19 decisions.
Coffee..... cappuccino. Home stretch.

I guess I'd better consider a corporate gift. In a different category......seriously LUXURY. Can't go past Jo Malone. Two sizes and Two price points available. The hurricane lamp is BEAUTIFUL.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Did anyone read my Twitter yesterday at GJB215 
If you spent $500 last night at David Jones 
on the online Vogue shopping night you
received a Jo Malone collection worth $325.
Gift decision 20.


Now it's time to put the Christmas tree up!
Enjoy! GJB215

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Finding the Right Gift

Making a List 
Where do we start?Family? Friends? Kris Kringle?
Making a list of people that you would like to share your Christmas with is always a good place to start. I'll go for 10 gifts today.
I start by thinking about the person and what they like as I remind myself that it is all about who they are and what they would like and treasure. It is always about the thought that counts but I still want them to love the gift that I choose. Maybe your friends have admired something that you have worn or a perfume or piece of jewellery that you wore recently. 

I like to buy something that they like but maybe they would not buy for themselves. Do you want to give them something to use or keep? I always find it easier to buy for my female friends as there seems to be more choices available. I try to picture their reaction when they would be opening their presents. Of course you have to consider what you are able to spend. Spoil them with a gift that they will remember and remind them that you cherish their friendship.

It's great to look in the gorgeous department stores at Christmas but I will inevitably get distracted . Spending time looking through all of the gift guides available online in magazines and from some of the leading department stores around the world helps me to make my list. I enjoy this part as i love looking at gorgeous ideas. If you start now then you may have enough time to order something.

From one spectrum to another, start dreaming with a cup of coffee and the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. The AQUATALIA fur boots (pages 16-17) are very appealing and the Tom Ford Nail Lacquer, Lip Colour and Lip Gloss(pages 42 -43) are a real possibility for the list. 
Yes, Decision 1, this is on the list. Red is the HOT colour. 
Other famous nail lacquer packs may be a possibility. The OPI gift pack range has some strong contenders for Kris Kringle. This pack contains TWO separate boxes of 5 light and 5 dark colours or you could put each one in an organza bag with a gift tag for the girls at work, or your child's teacher gift. The Free OPI App is cool and you can see all of the collections. Have you tried the Shatter collection. I tried the silver as my base colour with the black shatter and it was quite dramatic. You can play with the colour selection and see how adding a shatter looks. Great fun manicure. Now there's a suggestion if you are stuck for time. What about a manicure and or pedicure voucher at your friend's favourite salon?
Yes, Decision 2.

The Neiman Marcus Top 100 Gifts for Her are helpful for ideas. 
There is a Neiman Marcus Top 100 Gifts for Him. That should give you some ideas for the men in your lives. 

Freddie Harrods Christmas Bear 2011

I think the Harrods Christmas Book has a gorgeous collection of gift ideas. For the younger people on your list, there is the Harrods Christmas Toy Catalogue. It is divided into ideas for Soft Toys, Tots 
and Pre- School, Craft, Girls and Boys.

I have to share a secret with you. I have a penchant for Hello Kitty.  Hello Kitty has been an Element in my life. I know someone who would love this at bath time and I could hang this Hello Kitty in a stocking decoration on the Christmas tree.
Pages 51-53 of the Harrods Christmas Catalogue is all on Hello Kitty.

Corolle Calin Cuddle DollJump down your List to ideas for the younger sister, daughter, niece, cousin, god daughter, friend's daughter and if she still loves dolls, the Corolle Calin Cuddle Dolls are beautiful.
Yes, Decision 3. This is on the List. 

I've found something for the younger brother, son, nephew, cousin, god son, friend's son and it will keep them busy. Brio Train set on Page 21 or if they're a bit older, the Meccano Racing Car on Page 74.
Yes, Decisions 4 & 5. These are on the list.
All the children's gifts sorted.

All of these ideas have sparked from looking at a catalogue and I am feeling very happy about the list.
Friend gift TICK, Children's gifts TICK, Work Kris Kringle TICK, Teacher gift TICK.

I need to get back to more girlfriend gifts. Grab another morning coffee and I can come up with some more ideas. Perfume. I mentioned the Prai range of perfumes yesterday in my blog. I am always being complimented on these fragrances. Yes, I can order online from TVSN and they deliver to my door. Decision 6 and 7

Have you heard of the Ybf makeup range?Again, friends have asked me, "Where did you get that?" I know they'll love these.......This range is available at TVSN 
Ybf Pucker Up 6 Piece Lip Kit $49.50
Presented in a gorgeous Red Box with a Satin Bow
ALL IN 1 Coordinated BOX $29.50

The Mimco range is one of my favourites and again friends ask "Where did you get That?"                                 
The Mimco ezine is amazing and I just love looking at all of the gift ideas.

Shop online or in store and why not join the Mimco Collective whilst your in store.
BB002760_1I am going to select a gift pack and I have credit for joining the Mimco Collective. I like the candle as well. Decision 8 and 9. I don't need to wrap them. The packaging is beautiful.

Pinklily Organza Slip Triple Pack

Getting excited. One more to go. I have a friend who is always commenting on my organisation and she loves pink.
Yeah, PINKLILY. I love the whole range.
She'll love this 3 pack of organza slips for her 
Christmas party dresses. Decision 10.
Wow! That was quite easy.

Have to choose a back up gift! 
PINK Handbag from France.
Maybe I could put this on my wish list.

Laurige - Amelia Handbag Fuchsia

Matching wallet, coin purse and makeup purse all in PINK. You can order these online at Peter's of Kensington, another great online trusted site

Now I can sit back and enjoy some more Exciting(QVB)Christmas (TVSN) ideas(DavidJONES) and write my Christmas Cards. 

Hope your list goes well. Enjoy GJB215