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Welcome to my blog. I live in Sydney and love living on the water but I like to be part of the Global Shopping Experience. My other favourite cities are New York, Paris, Rome,Tokyo & London and I would love to travel more around the World. I like to surround myself with dynamic and energetic people and luxurious things: Pink Champagne Afternoon Tea with Royal Albert Lady Carlyle; Wedgwood and Royal Doulton enhanced by Pale Pink and White Peonies; Yves Delormes Linen; Enjoy Lighting and Glasshouse Perfumed Candles; Crystal cut lamps and a great selection of music. Well cut designer suits, dresses and coats; White Gold Jewellery; Designer SHOES and handbags as well as hats; scarves; gloves; sunglasses; fun Mimco Jewellery accessories and Holster Bling flats are included in my organised pinklily wardrobe. My life must include going to the Theatre; Dancing and Fine Dining. I like to spend time Listening to Music especially Jazz by Diana Krall; Reading my favourite Fashion Magazines, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair with a cup of cappuccino at my side; Swimming in the pool; or experiencing Sydney Cafe Life and amazing Restaurants. Must mention how I enjoy spending time with my iMac; being part of a wide world of social media; My Blog; Twitter; Pinterest; Facebook; & chatting on my iPhone. I love challenges, new experiences, expanding my world and learning about great new ideas in design and style. Time spent with creative, people is interesting and exciting. I thrive on discovering new knowledge and enjoy researching and sharing new up to date ideas and media stories in Luxury Living; Style; Design; Fashion; Beauty; Entertainment and Travel . I will be blogging about living a life of luxury and I need to be organised to do all of this. Hope you join me in this journey. Enjoy GJB

Saturday, 31 March 2012


The Spring/Summer season of 2012 reinvents many styles of past decades but does not restrict the design to one idea. Colours, patterns, fabrics are mixed together in new refreshing designs that gives us a sense of freedom and an opportunity to individualise our own style. You may see somebody wearing a similar colour but it is more unlikely that the ensemble look will ever be the same. The eclectic look gives us a sense of power & control over our choices in fashion. Purchasing pieces that can be used in many different ways for different occasions will extend your wardrobe. I thought that it would be a good idea to list the options and show you some images of the vast array of possibilities. You still need to know who you are and remain true to what makes you feel good.
Can you believe that the designers have produced 27 different options for the season. It reminded me of the movie, 27 Dresses and how each bride had chosen a different style for their wedding, but that happened over a period of years. The bridesmaid never wore any of them again. This array of choices is all happening in one season. Pleated skirts; Printed Pants; Seafoam Green; Gradient and Tie dye; Denim and wide shorts; Tail Hem; Scarf Bright Coloured Prints; Pastel Colours; Tweed and Peplum are the first TEN designs? You'll have to ask yourself the most obvious question. Do I like any of these TRENDS? Do any of these suit me? I am not sure that everybody can carry off a pleated skirt. A short pleated skirt could be great for afternoon tea with the girls. Who decided on these ideas to be TRENDY? If you have loved what is a winter palette of Black, Red, Purple and White, then you will have a complexion which suits the pastel colours. Printed Pants, Tie Dye, Scarf Print and Tail Hem, Asymmetrical hemlines, are probably out of the question for work. Charlie Brown, the Australian Designer has been including scarf designs in her range for a few years. Some of them can be worn in some corporate environments with a jacket but then again some of them are OTT for the office and are only suitable for occasions outside of the work environment. I guess you could add a printed scarf to an outfit. Then again if you went on a holiday to a resort or an island, you could put together a colourful vacation wardrobe. That leaves a tweed suit, a peplum dress and something in pastels and sea foam green. Not sure about the sea foam dress, Tiffany inspired perhaps? Colour is lovely but limiting. Maybe another pastel colour could work.
I don't like white shoes other than for a wedding, but something with metallic silver could work. A traditional Tweed is too heavy for Spring/Summer but I can find a pastel light weight tweed jacket. Chanel Inspired perhaps? I can still wear denim on the weekend with a pastel top or a pastel blazer. I like the ida of a peplum skirt to go out. It is like the designers have tried to reinvent the wheel. The peplum jackets are very Givenchy. Peplum skirts can balance out your shape and this is a good thing; however make sure that they do suit you. I do not wish to sound negative but have a look at these photographs and there is nothing that makes me want to rush out to do some shopping. I can still buy SHOES and HANDBAGS in some of these colour palettes.
There is a more substantial list of 27 options  in total with some more ideas from some other designers.
11. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #11: Cropped tops:  Cute and could be great in a holiday wardrobe.
12.Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #12: Bra tops:  Sexy and again great for a holiday wardrobe or going out.
13Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #13: Hotpants: 
Very Chic and great for weekends and those who can wear these short hot pants. Definitely not in a corporate environment unless you're a model.
14. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #14: Floral print: Colourful and could be great in a holiday wardrobe or for a pool party. Floral prints are a definite option and you will be able to find one which can be worn to work with a block colour blazer. Much better option than the printed pants.
15.Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #15: Animal prints: These prints have been around for several years. They have been rejigged with colour for 2012. It's still a holiday wardrobe on the catwalk.

16. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #16: Black-and-white or all white. Always in Fashion. We can all probably spruce up some items in our wardrobe by adding some colour to contrast with this option. Maybe it's a white skirt purchase and a polka dot top? Or a white blazer with a black straight skirt that you already own?
17. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #17: Boat neck: Holiday here I come! Floaty floral chiffon off the shoulder number.
18. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #18: Boudoir fashion: Remind me about the definition of Style and appropriate dress for most of my life. I just can not see myself walking down the street dressed like this. Upmarket Barbecue or Evening Cocktail Drinks by the pool at a Resort? I will have the best resort wardrobe there. The designers spark an idea and it is up to the individual to adapt the design to fit their lifestyle. I foresee a frustrating shopping trip for many of us if it's all about going to a tropical island resort. I am going to use the title of the famous Musical........ Anything Goes.
19.Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #19: Chic gloss: 
Definitely a bit of bling for an evening event or a night out on the town. I am always disappointed when people attend an opening night to the Opera or a Musical and they wear jeans. Thank Goodness Glamour is back. Take time to dress and look a million dollars.  As long as you feel good, you'll look a million dollars. If the gown is stunning in this chic gloss finish, you'll only need a pair of earrings as your jewellery. The gown will be the focus.
20. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #20: Cold shoulders: I can see how this will also work on a summer Night. It is just a small change in terminology from cut outs to cold shoulders. This could be a very versatile dress for a warm summer's night, a romantic dinner or dinner with the girls, a party or an event and you could take it with you on holiday.

What I have noticed is the COLOUR. That's the best part of this 2012 Collection. It's rich in its presence and you will be making a statement.
21. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #21: Fringe:  Not really unless you want to go for the western look on the weekend. i'll leave this up to your imagination. Limited use is all I can say. 
22Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #22: Lace dresses: YES! YES! YES! The options and the colours and styles are endless for day or evening. This Louis Vuitton white dress is very elegant for a special event. You can find lace being used in all occasion dressing and contrasted with many other materials. The Red Valentino Evening dress is simple and stunning. 
23. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #23: Perforated fabrics: Placement is most important and colour underlay fabrics can highlight this design which is being used by many designers this season.
24. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #24: One shoulder and the Rounded shoulders:   This look  has been worn by many celebrities at awards nights and continues to appear this summer. Again this does not necessarily have to be restricted to an evening look. You might be able to incorporate this in a short dress or a top.
Not sure about the rounded shoulder look? Well, neither am I. It's less structured, it's  the opposite of the padded Dynasty shoulder pads which gave a sense of power to the wearer. Some people will just follow fashion for fashion sake, but i can categorically say that I do not think that it looks good. This model looks forlorn and she is wearing Louis Vuitton.
25. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #25: Sheer clothing & Deep Cleavage: Nothing is left to the imagination. A sheer bolero in a gorgeous silk or organza works for me. A bather cover up, I know that's ironic, is acceptable. What do you think of sheer skirts? Not a classy look but for those who can apparently are wearing sheer clothing.This Lanvin dress leaves nothing to the imagination.

26. Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #26: Summer suits: Look great and more for weekend wear, but they might be acceptable in some industries. I have definitely sen them being worn in other than corporate work places. if you have the legs, fabulous. The Pucci black suit makes a strong impression and the Cacherel suit is more casual.
27.Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend #24: The roaring 1920s: Chic Vintage. The Great Gatsby & The Flappers.
Let's hope that we can all remember or learn how to Charleston. 
My Favourites? Incorporating lace into my wardrobe will be  a modern take on a vintage feel. I like the colour and the all white look. The short suit is a good look and the glamorous chic gloss and 1920's swing is also very Vintage Hollywood Glamour.
 Enjoy GJB! GJB 


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